Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dublin City Marathon 26th October 2009

Bank Holiday Monday saw a early start for Erica and I as we headed to the 14mile post to support Tony Brennan (Club PRO). Tony was running in his first Marathon. Tony had trained hard for this race, along with many others from the meet and train group. Tony had set himself a high target for this race - 3hrs. He had expected to reach the 14mile post at 10.36 precisly. Erica and I arrived to Kimmage at 9.00am and we waited for the lead group, they passed us just before 10.00am. Tony arrived bang on time - well 10.38 by me but I was about 150m further down from the marker. Tony looked very comfortable and even managed to flash a smile and a wave of his right arm. He was still with the 3hr pacer, Tony was right on track for his target of 3hrs. We waited on Sean O'Sullivan who was expecting to be 15mins behide Tony, Sean went past us in 10.48am so as this stage he was 5mins ahead of schedule. Another athelte that we were hoping to see was Jarleth, who when he passed also managed to give us a wave. I'm not sure what times Sean and Jarleth finished in but I'm delighted to tell you that Tony (legs) finished in a remarkable 2hr:59:50 - Congratulations Tony on your fantastic achievement ; Tony was supported along the route by his wife Noeleen and family.

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