Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dublin City Marathon 26th October 2009

Bank Holiday Monday saw a early start for Erica and I as we headed to the 14mile post to support Tony Brennan (Club PRO). Tony was running in his first Marathon. Tony had trained hard for this race, along with many others from the meet and train group. Tony had set himself a high target for this race - 3hrs. He had expected to reach the 14mile post at 10.36 precisly. Erica and I arrived to Kimmage at 9.00am and we waited for the lead group, they passed us just before 10.00am. Tony arrived bang on time - well 10.38 by me but I was about 150m further down from the marker. Tony looked very comfortable and even managed to flash a smile and a wave of his right arm. He was still with the 3hr pacer, Tony was right on track for his target of 3hrs. We waited on Sean O'Sullivan who was expecting to be 15mins behide Tony, Sean went past us in 10.48am so as this stage he was 5mins ahead of schedule. Another athelte that we were hoping to see was Jarleth, who when he passed also managed to give us a wave. I'm not sure what times Sean and Jarleth finished in but I'm delighted to tell you that Tony (legs) finished in a remarkable 2hr:59:50 - Congratulations Tony on your fantastic achievement ; Tony was supported along the route by his wife Noeleen and family.

Ultra Marathon

Congratulations to John O'Regan - John finished 4th in a 24hr race that saw him run 220k - This was his first attempt at this distance. Some could say he is mad! You will be happy to hear John is in one piece and delighted with his achievement. John is quick to point out that he couldn't have done it with-out Tony and the support of his family. Well Done!!! For a more detailed account please check out John's web page, you will find a link on this site.

Leinster CC 25th October 2009

U12 Boys - Niall O'Sullivan 16th, Conall Hayes 24th, Patrick Flanagan, Paul Maguire; Team were 9th over all. Kildare County Team were 4th; Niall and Conall scored on County Team
U14 Boys - Sean Flanagan 21st - Kildare CountyTeam were 3rd ; Sean scored on County Team
U16 Boys - Conor Murphy 13th - just missed out by one place for Leinster Team
U18 Girls - Erica Dixon 18th, Kildare County Team were 1st; Erica scored on County Team

Race Report;
The first round of the Leinster Championships was hosted by Adamstown,iCo. Wexford. This meant an early start for all those competing. We arrived in plenty of time and the course was well laid out. The rain held off and the races got under way at 12.00. First up was U12 Girls and Fina Hayes was running in this race, she headed for the line and had a great position in the middle of the pack. Fina ran 1000m and did well, unfortunately she was out of the medals on this occasion, but was still smiling at the end. Next up were the boys U12 team, they had a good start with Conall getting out early closly followed by Niall (out of age), Patrick and Paul. In a very tough race with 130 other athletes the boys did very well, Niall was first home for the Le Cheile team, followed closely by Conal, Patrick was caught up in the middle of the pack and came in 59th with Paul Maguire bringing the team home. Many thanks to Paul as he is recovering from an injury. Kildare County will decide in the next few days if they will send a team to the All-Irelands - If they do both Naill and Conall with be on the Kildare Team.

Sean Flanagan was competing in the boys U14 which is out of his age goup, Sean was not as nervous as normal and was looking forward to the race. Sean got out in the middle of the pack and was down in about 50th position when he was able to move steadily towards the top twenty. Sean had a great run and was very happy with his 21st placing. Sean was reward with a bronze County Medal and will represent Kildare County in the All-Irelands.

Conor Murphy was competing in the boys U16 3k, not having a club team Conor was hoping that the Kildare Team would qualify for the All-Irelands. Unfortunately on this occasion Kildare County were 6th. Conor had a great race and was very comfortable throughout, he thought he had done enough but he finished 13th, the top 12 make the Leinster team - so Conor just missed out. He was very level-headed afterwards saying "that's the way it goes". Hard Luck Conor!

Erica Dixon was the last Le Cheile athlete to run, again running 3k, Erica got out well but was unable to maintain her position, Erica finished 18th overall. Kildare County finished in First place, Erica received a Gold County medal and will represent Kildare County in the All-Irelands.

My thanks to the Fiona, Martin, Colm and Martina for their support on the day, thank you also to all the athletes who represented Le Cheile on the day. Hope you enjoyed yourselves and I think I got photo's of you all (Tony will attach). Next round un-even ages 8th November.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Round 2 Kildare CC - 11th October 2009

Results:U 10 Girls Team -4th; Kate Harris, Carragh Hayes, Alice Flanagan, Emma Browne,Ailbhne Nolan
U10 Boys Team - 5th; Pearse Nolan, Taghd Nolan, Cian O'Regan, Ciaran Connolly
U12 Girls Team - 6th Chloe Gleeson, Cliona Nic Suibhne, Fina Hayes, Megan Farrell
U12 Boys Team - 2nd Silver Medal; Patrick Flanagan, Conall Hayes; Paul Maguire, Niall O'Sullivan
U14 Boys Team - 2nd Silver Medal; Fiachra McSuibhne; Sean Flanagan, Conor Kiely, Darragh Nolan
U16 Boy - Conor Murphy 5th & Basit Enaife ; U18 Girls - Erica Dixon 4th

Another dry day for Kildare Cross Country Championships -hosted by Crookstown Millview. Le Cheile athletes were in high spirits and it was a day that saw the Dad's out number the Mam's. The U10 girls took to the line and were off in a mad dash,a great race to the finish which saw Carragh come home first in 7th place followed closely by the rest of her team whoe were in 17,22,25 &26th place- debut races for Emma, Alice and Ailbhe -well done girls, you will see from the photo's that there were lots of smiles. First home for the u10 boys was Pearse Nolan, having lead the race for the first 300m Pearse was unlucky to finish in 19th place with the rest of his team in 25,26,34th. Big, big thanks to Taghd who saved the U10 team the morning of the race as an athlete had to pull out. Debut race also for all of these boys - well done. U12 Girls, tough race for the girls and Cliona was first home for the girls, Megan brought her team home and all girls did themselves proud. U12 Boys, the boys tried to get out quickly but it was a big field and some were hampered, first home was Conall - 8th, followed by Niall -9th, Patrick 17th and Naill 19th, it was enough to secure Silver in the team event. U14 Boys were off and in a very quick race Sean was the first home in 5th, Fiachra 7th, Darragh 11th and Conor secured Silver for his seam in 17th - well done to all as most of these boys were out of age. U16 saw Connor Murphy competing against athletes from Naas and Kilcock - Conor had a great run but was out of the medals on this occasion, Basit also had a good run and was glad to finish this 3k race. U18 saw Erica take to the start against teams from Celbridge and Kilcock, however is was Ciara O'Connor who won the race in great style, Erica finish in 4th place, these u18 girls will make up the Kildare junior team competing in the Nationals later this year.

Many thanks to the parents on the day who were a great help, I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Thanks to Paul (Conor Kiely's dad) for all the photos, apologies for my poor ones that show the U18 girls (I forgot where the zoom was). Best of luck to the athletes that are going forward to the Leinster CC which are being held on 25th October in Adamstown, Co. Wexford for the U12-U18 - and U11-19 which will be held on 8th November in Charleville Castle Tullamore.

Kildare CC Results Round 1 -4th October 2009

Carragh Hayes 7th - U9; Joshua Dunne U9 - 2nd Silver Medal, Sean Flanagan U13 - 3rd Bronze Medal; Boys u13 Team 1st - Gold Medal, Sean F, Conal H, Darragh N, Patrick F, Conor K. Rachel Dillon U13 -15th; Fiachra McSuibhne U15 - 15th; Conor Murphy U17 - 3rd Bronze Medal; Erica Dixon U19 -3rd Bronze Medal

It was a dry day and the Le Cheile athletes were in great form, for some it was going to be their debut cross county. They warmed up and awaited the first race which was the girls U9, Carrgh Hayes was the clubs only competitor. Carragh got out well and ran a great 500m race. Next up was Joshua Dunne he was running in the U9 500m, Joshua lead from the start, he held his nerve and was just pipped at the post to finish Second. Rachel Dillon was running in the U13, this was her first race being new to the club. Rachel had a very good run and was supported by all her family. The boys U13 had a full team made up of Sean Flanagan, Conor kiely, Darragh nolan, Conal Hayes and Patrick Flanagan (Conal and Patrick running out of age. The boys were very determined as the took to the line and each one of them had great runs, all their efforts paid off as they won this team event Fiachra McSuibhne competed in the u15 and was running out of age, Fiachra had run in the Liz McDonnell run the previous day and this took a little from his performance, however he sprinted to the finish line - cheered on by the other athletes. Conor Murphy ran in the u17 boys and this was a 3k race, Conor had a good run and was happy with his performance. Erica and Aine were due to run in the U19, unfortuantely this race was being run with the intermediate women and time ran out on Aine as she had to leave before the race started as she was playing Basketball. Erica was running out of age, a distance of 3k and there was a big field in this race, Erica put in a good run.

So a great result for the club given the low numbers that were competing. Well done to all.

Well done to all the Le Cheile athletes who also supported the Liz McDonnell run in Castletown Celbridge, young and old!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kildare Cross Country Championships Round 1

The first round of the championships will take place on Sunday 4th October 2009 at Eire Og's grounds in Carragh, Co. Kildare (near Mondello race track). They will host the un-even ages u9-u19 (please note even ages U8,10,12 etc can move up one age group). Athletes taking part must let coaches know. Please bring change of clothes and rain jacket along with packed lunch.