Sunday, July 19, 2009

All-Ireland 18th July 2009 - Report by Julie Boyle

I false started at the start of the race so I was pretty nervous when we were called to the line the second time. Fourtunately I calmed myself down and got a realy good start.
We were even with Galway when I passed over but as soon as Aileen began running down the back straight it was clear that we were in the lead, which was great. Myself and Aileens pass-over went perfectly and all the other pass overs seemed to go well. Shannyn and Sinead continued to increase the lead throught the rest of the race and I got to watch Sinead running away with the title on the last leg. We finished about 15meters ahead in a time of 52.41, Galway 2nd- 54.31, Kerry 3rd- 55.22. It was everyone on the teams first gold all-ireland medal, Sinead, Aileen and Shannyn had won bronze medals in the past but never a gold medal. So we were all thrilled with the win. The team was (in order of running) Julie Boyle (le Cheile), Aileen Kyne (Newbridge), Shannyn Brogan(Newbridge) and Sinead Lawlor(Celbridge).

Congratulations Julie on your part in Kildare winning the All-Ireland Inter County U17 Title.

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