Sunday, January 23, 2011

All Ireland 16th January 2011

The postponed All-Irelanbd championships took place in Tullamore on 16th Jan, representing Le Cheile and Klildare were U11 Carragh Hayes, U13 Conall Hayes and U17 Conor Murphy: U11 - Carragh Hayes was on the Kildare team and it was her first National Championships, she represented her County and her Club at the highest level and finished 120 - well done Carragh
Conall Hayes was competing in his second National championship of the Cross County season, he also was on the Kildare team and got off to a flying start and continue to take on the leaders well into the 3rd quater of the race, Conall ended up finishing in 97 place. Conor Murphy having finished 11th in the Leinsters was on the pronvicial team so the pressure was on. Conor had a good start but his hamstring was very tight after about 1000m so he did well to finish in 47th place overall. Conor needless to say was unhappy with his performance, but he will put this behind him and look ahead to the indoor season.

Conall on the other hand was happy that he took on the leaders and was in 2nd place for the first 1500m, so well done to him. Conall sister Carragh enjoyed her first All Ireland championship, i'm sure it willbe the first of many.

Thanks to Pat Hayes who was the Coach on the day.

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