Monday, March 1, 2010

Leinster Indoor Championships 27/28th Feb 2010 - Results

There were 3 athletes in action over the weekend. Conor Murphy in action on Saturday and Sunday (thanks to Colm for going down to Nenagh both days). Julie Boyle and Basit Enafie on Sunday.

Conor has told me that the best preparation was no preparation, he arrived as the athletes were taking to the line so he didn't have a chance to warm up correctly and didn't have time to think about the race. Conor was competing in the 1500m U17 race and he was 2nd on the day, many congratulations to Conor. Conor had a busy week as he was in action the previous Sunday in the B All-Ireland and had also raced on Wednesday in the Leinster Schools, finishing 27th overall, in a very tough race in terrible conditions. Unfortunately there are no photo's of Conor on the podium.

Conor was back down to compete in the 800m on Sunday a bit tired, but he took to the line and with 4 laps of the track to run he finished in 6th place. Basit Enafie was competing in the 60m and 200m U17, unfortunately he just missed out on a place in the finals. Representing the girls was Julie, Julie was running in the 60m and 200m U17and made it to the final in 60m and finish 6th overall.

Many thanks to the Conor, Julie Basit and a big thank you to their parents who are always so supportive .

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well done all 3!